Cultural Resource Coordinator

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What is a Cultural Resource Coordinator?

The Cultural Resource Coordinator coordinates and supports all aspects of cultural knowledge transfer and planning within the Friendship Centre. The Cultural Resource Coordinator provides traditional teachings and ceremonies in a safe and acceptable environment and also coordinates access to Elders and Traditional people to meet the needs of the Friendship Centre community, with children, youth and families as the primary audience. The Cultural Resource Coordinator will also work to promote cultural awareness, safety and competency within Friendship Centre’s and Friendship Centre communities at large while promoting healing and reconciliation.

 C.R.C. Objectives

·         To build upon the skills and knowledge within Friendship Centre’s and Friendship Centre communities of local and traditional Indigenous ways of life

·         To facilitate increased access to cultural and cultural knowledge among Friendship Centre’s, with children, youth and families as the priority, and form a perspective that promotes healing

·         To ensure safe transmission of cultural knowledge for Friendship Centre communities

·         To foster connections to cultural knowledge and ways of being, both within the Friendship Centre and with the broader community from a perspective that promotes reconciliation


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