Healing & Wellness Program

at The Ininew Friendship Centre

Josie Martin

Healing & Wellness Coordinator

Call 705-272-4497 Extension #228

Email: healingwellness@ininewfc.ca

Our Goals

To ensure that the healing and wellness needs of the Indigenous community are addressed in order to reduce family violence, promote healthy lifestyles and culture-based programming and healing.

Our Objectives

The Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy

This program is funded by the Indigenous Healing and Wellness Strategy (IHWS). IHWS is a policy and service initiative that brings together Indigenous people and the Government of Ontario in a unique partnership to promote health and healing among Indigenous people.

In 1990, Indigenous organizations and the government ministries that developed the strategy expressed a commitment to combat the alarming conditions of poor health and family violence that Indigenous- People in Ontario have endured.

The Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy is founded on two concepts: "Healing" and "Wellness"

Healing for many Aboriginal communities in Ontario has come to mean recovering from the social impacts of colonization which have adversely affected the lives of Aboriginal peoples for several generations.

Wellness refers to maintaining and enhancing the health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and nations.

The healing and wellness sought by many Aboriginal people today is based upon a return to traditional spiritual values and knowledge which promotes self-reliance. Programs and services designed, delivered, and controlled by Aboriginal people are aimed at healing the visible wounds in statistics yet invisible to the public.

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