The Health Outreach Program

At The Ininew Friendship Centre

Melody Uiselt

Health Outreach Coordinator

Call 705-272-4497 Extension #259


Our Goals

To assist Indigenous individuals and families to access traditional healers/ midwives and mainstream health providers, services and institutions

To act as a support/ liaison for individuals and families requiring support.

To ensure that individuals and families understand the health system and the care they are recieving by ensuring that information is provided in a manner understood by the individual and family.

To obtain, if necessary, Indigenous culture and/ or language interpreters so individuals and families are provided with appropriate health services.

To promote healthy lifestyles by conducting home visits, circles, workshops, seminars, and public education forums, etc.

To develop, or obtain, health promotion materials.

To know of and work with community aqgencies to support healthy individuals and families.

To promote violence-free lifestyles.

To promote culture-based family healing.

To work with other Friendship Centre's programs and staff to promote a co-coordinated approach to health.

To make referrals to appropriate health programs, services and institutions.


Other Community Services

To establish a relationship with community resources to facilitate increased sensitivity and awareness

To establish a system of referrals.

To assist, upon request, Non-Aboriginal agencies in order to ensure that clients receive the service and support they require.

To promote linkages amongst community agencies so that the Indigenous community will have greater access to holistic healing and wellness approaches.

To facilitate the understanding and support of community agencies for the Indigenous Healing & Wellness Strategy.

To assist with NHIB medical travel request forms through Moose Factory WHA and the Wabun Health Services.

The Health Outreach Program

Vision Statement

To ensure that the health needs of the Indigenous community are addressed by undertaking health promotion, education, referrals and linking with Indigenous cultural resource people and mainstream health providers.

The HOW program focus is to organize and facilitate health promotion, illness prevention and family violence workshops and seminars, refer clients to link with Indigenous resource people and appropriate health service providers/ agencies, as well as provide client support and home visits. HOW liaise with Aboriginal and mainstream health service providers/ agencies to increase access to client services and to increase Indigenous representation on health decision-making bodies. Indigenous cultural approaches will be reflected or used as part of the activities and services.

The Health Outreach Program

Promotes a traditional holistic approach to health. Good health is based on, not only physical health, but also encompasses the spiritual, emotional, and mental health of the individual, family, and community (throughout all stages of life).

The program is also responsible for the promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of various health issues.

For Information regarding the Health Outreach Program, contact Melody at...

Phone; 705-272-4497 Ext. #259    Fax; 705-272-3597